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Youth Trends Report (Spring 2008)
April 16, 2008, 3:00 pm
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A must read, got this from nextgreatthing.com

by Allison

Our Spring 2008 Trend Report looks at the many ways youth are changing communications and what brands can do to stay relevant.

Topics include:

  • The open source thinking that is permeating consumer decision making and the
    factors marketers need to consider when appealing to youth
  • How tween-focused social networks are transforming how they engage with brands,
    purchase products, and use the Internet as young adults.
  • Reaching teens in the moment through the new reflex marketing paradigm.
  • Youth individualism and what they look for in brands.
  • The evolution of language thanks to technology and its educational implications.
  • How RSS has made youth ruthlessly efficient consumers and ‘newsmasters’.
  • The new 360 music model and how fans will save the industry.
  • The growing industry of in-game advertisements.
  • Impression measurement to map out the spheres of influence that lead up to a purchase.
  • Why the engagement model is the real future of marketing.

Click here to download


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