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April 14, 2008, 3:45 pm
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Thanks Ben and Jerry!

and build a New England Village

Victorian House
Build your own New England village out of office supplies.The buildings are available in GIF format in both back and white and color. All are “just about” HO-scale, just right for your train set or table or desktop decoration. Note: Mac users scale the Victorian to 75% for printing.
Community Church Building
The classic, clapboard church building with a clock and bell tower. This one comes in black and white only.

Apartment Building
A three story brick building with storefronts on the first floor and apartments on the top two. Naturally the building features a Ben & Jerry’s scoop shop.
Black & White version
Color version

New England Farm Buildings
The classic red barn with a silo, outhouse and some farm animals. There are two pages for this set. The barn is on one page, the silo, outhouse and animals are on another page.
Black & White Barn
Color Barn
Black & White Silo
Color Silo

The Original Ben & Jerry’s circa 1978
Make your own original Ben & Jerry’s Gas Station. Just like the scoop shop that Ben & Jerry opened back in 1978. It’s bigger than the other buildings. If you want to scale it to the others, go to page-setup and scale it at 80 – 90% when you print it.
Black & White Gas Station
Color Gas Station


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