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Free Church Resources
April 30, 2008, 3:23 pm
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Check out this list of free resources compiled by churchrelevance.com

Free Church Graphics and Resources

  • CreativeMYK.com
    Offers free church graphics including logos, photos, vector art, projector slides, bulletins, sermon graphics, projector slides, templates, and more. The site also includes a social network for Christian artists.
  • LifeChurch.tv Open
    Offers free sermon series resources that include message outlines, sermon graphics, videos, and more creative materials created by LifeChurch.tv (Edmond, OK).
  • Muddy River Media
    Offers free illustrative videos, motion backgrounds, countdown timers, stock photographs, illustrations, small group resources, and more.
  • NewSpring Ministries
    Offers free sermon series resources (e.g., sermon graphics, audio, message outline, & service outline) as well as administrative forms and manuals created by NewSpring Church (Anderson, SC).
  • Northside Christian Church Creative Resources
    Offers free logos, posters, and other artwork designed by Northside Christian Church (New Albany, IN).
  • Nside Admin
    Offers free administrative documents from North Point Community Church (Alpharetta, GA) on church government, human resources, accounting, facilities, IT, and Web.
  • Seacoast All Access
    Offers free sermon series resources that include sermon graphics, motion graphics, audio, video, message notes, and small group questions created by Seacoast Church (Mt. Pleasant, SC).
  • Vine Resources
    Offers free sermon series graphics, postcards, countdown videos, and message bumpers creat

For a laugh!!
April 24, 2008, 4:19 pm
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Legos galore!
April 22, 2008, 3:46 pm
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Check out these amazing Lego creations. It makes the boat I made for my son look like 1st grader did it.

Design Forum – Church Marketing Lab
April 17, 2008, 3:41 pm
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Check out the Church marketing lab and be inspired!


the Church Marketing Lab (beta) group icon

Church Marketing Lab (beta)

Youth Trends Report (Spring 2008)
April 16, 2008, 3:00 pm
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A must read, got this from nextgreatthing.com

by Allison

Our Spring 2008 Trend Report looks at the many ways youth are changing communications and what brands can do to stay relevant.

Topics include:

  • The open source thinking that is permeating consumer decision making and the
    factors marketers need to consider when appealing to youth
  • How tween-focused social networks are transforming how they engage with brands,
    purchase products, and use the Internet as young adults.
  • Reaching teens in the moment through the new reflex marketing paradigm.
  • Youth individualism and what they look for in brands.
  • The evolution of language thanks to technology and its educational implications.
  • How RSS has made youth ruthlessly efficient consumers and ‘newsmasters’.
  • The new 360 music model and how fans will save the industry.
  • The growing industry of in-game advertisements.
  • Impression measurement to map out the spheres of influence that lead up to a purchase.
  • Why the engagement model is the real future of marketing.

Click here to download

Tax Rap
April 15, 2008, 4:40 pm
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I would advise you to check out Rhett and Link. They make me laugh.

Paper Crafts
April 14, 2008, 3:45 pm
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Thanks Ben and Jerry!

and build a New England Village

Victorian House
Build your own New England village out of office supplies.The buildings are available in GIF format in both back and white and color. All are “just about” HO-scale, just right for your train set or table or desktop decoration. Note: Mac users scale the Victorian to 75% for printing.
Community Church Building
The classic, clapboard church building with a clock and bell tower. This one comes in black and white only.

Apartment Building
A three story brick building with storefronts on the first floor and apartments on the top two. Naturally the building features a Ben & Jerry’s scoop shop.
Black & White version
Color version

New England Farm Buildings
The classic red barn with a silo, outhouse and some farm animals. There are two pages for this set. The barn is on one page, the silo, outhouse and animals are on another page.
Black & White Barn
Color Barn
Black & White Silo
Color Silo

The Original Ben & Jerry’s circa 1978
Make your own original Ben & Jerry’s Gas Station. Just like the scoop shop that Ben & Jerry opened back in 1978. It’s bigger than the other buildings. If you want to scale it to the others, go to page-setup and scale it at 80 – 90% when you print it.
Black & White Gas Station
Color Gas Station